Friday, June 13, 2008


There’s a new addition to my collection of strange and unusual whisks.

What a find! As soon as I spotted it at the store, I knew it was coming home with me. It came with these thoroughly informative photographic instructions for its operation.

Look at how practical it is, it’s convertible. It can function as a double-wide whisk, for whisking in long and narrow containers.

And it transforms into two skinny and nimble whisks, for those small or side-by-side whisking jobs.

I can imagine the many uses for it now, I’m sure I’m going to get my three dollars’ worth.


An said...

Just wondering, I've got a whisk like contraption/device that looks like the whisk you have in your banner, 5th from the right, the one pointing down with this spring like whisk bent across.

Except that this device of mine also has a metal backing on it with holes coming out of it.

I wonder, what does it DO? Is it just a whisk and belongs in the kitchen or something else?

If you need pictures, please reply me and I'll get some photos to you.

Thanks in advance.

Btw, thanks for your onion slicing guide. Although I still haven't found a way to cut onions without my eyes watering. I have heard the fresh air tip and it seems to help a bit.

Lucy Vaserfirer said...

~an*, the whisk that you’re referring to in my banner is a type of flat whisk used for gravies and pan sauces. But it sounds like what you have is a cocktail strainer, for straining ice out of mixed drinks.

An said...

Hmm that could make sense, I've posted photos of the whisk-filter in the below link for your reference.

Thank you for solving this mystery for me for a while! I'm glad there's someone like you where I can ask :D

Lucy Vaserfirer said...

You're welcome, ~an*. I'm glad I could help!

jules said...

hi there!
i just found your blog from tastespotting. i was really excited when it came up and i saw your whisk banner. i, too, have an odd fascination with odd whisks. my husband thinks i'm nuts but you've made me feel more normal like i'm not the only crazy whisk lady out there.
so thanks!

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