Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Turbo Whisk

My obsession with strange and unusual whisks continues…In a moment of what I can only describe as divine inspiration, an idea for a completely unique whisk design came to me. I built a crude model with materials I found in my kitchen. (The real whisk would have to have more tines though.)

The husband deemed it the “Turbo Whisk” because its appearance is reminiscent of the blades of a turbine.

Now, how does one go about making an actual Turbo Whisk? Hmmm…any visionary metal-crafters out there want to volunteer their services?


Irina said...

Why not send it to All-Clad? They do not offer any whisks yet. How can they not appreciate an idea from their biggest fan, unless of course you want your name on it, "Lucy and the Pie".

avaserfi said...

That whisk looks pretty crazy. What's the next step in production? Does the turbo whisk come with a self cleaning option? I would buy a crate of them if it did!

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