Sunday, October 19, 2008

No Such Thing as Too Much Chocolate

At my house, when we run out of chocolate, panic ensues. There’s shrieking and stomping of feet, a real tantrum. You see, each day when my husband gets home from a long day at work, he makes a beeline for the pantry and helps himself to a big handful of couverture. If he finds the bin empty, he becomes very, very unhappy. Unlike my husband, I don’t yell or scream, I quietly agonize over when I’ll get my next fix.

I buy chocolate by the 10-kilo bag for personal consumption.

So the good news is we don’t run out often. A new 10-kilo bag of Callebaut dark chocolate callets* is always greeted by laughter, dancing, and general jubilation. We rip open the bag, drink in the intoxicating aroma, and feel at ease, knowing that all is right in the world once again.

Best Ever Hot Chocolate
Printable Recipe

½ cup heavy cream
4 ounces semisweet chocolate, chopped or scant 2/3 cup semisweet chocolate chips
2 cups milk
¼ teaspoon vanilla extract

Bring the cream to a bare simmer in a small, heavy saucepan. Place the chocolate into a medium bowl, add the hot cream, and whisk until smooth. Whisk in the milk. Return to the saucepan and heat to a simmer, stirring frequently. Stir in the vanilla, ladle into mugs, and serve immediately.

Serves 2 just 1. This is the richest, creamiest, most decadent hot chocolate ever. Hot chocolate made with powders and mixes doesn’t even come close. For a flavored hot chocolate, infuse the cream with orange zest, Earl Grey tea, mint, cinnamon, chile powder, or even your favorite liqueur. Serve topped with marshmallows or lightly sweetened whipped cream.

*Callets are essentially high quality chocolate chips. I prefer to work with callets because, unlike bar chocolate, they’re ready to melt, with no chopping required.


Maggie said...

This looks superb. Where do you buy your callets?

Lucy Vaserfirer said...

Thanks Maggie! I get my callets from a local restaurant purveyor. But for mail ordering, try Chocosphere. They have an amazing selection, including Callebaut callets, and fair prices.

Amber said...

I have tried a few hot chocolate recipes and most are expensive and heavy. I plan to give this one my best. What more available chocolate can I use because I do not plan to wait that long?

Lucy Vaserfirer said...

You can use your favorite brand of semisweet chocolate chips with nice results. Enjoy!

Finla said...

I have seen these 10 kg bags in the shops here and i always thought ppl who have restraubts or coffee shop bought them.
Cohoclate milk looks yumm.

Anonymous said...

I'm always on the look out for another chocolate drink recipe. Thanks so much for this - we'll give it a try.

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