Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Year's Wishes

Here's to a happy New Year everybody! May 2010 bring you and yours joy and prosperity.

Frozen Kir Royales
Printable Recipe

1 cup Minted Black Currant Sorbet
1 750 milliliter bottle sparkling wine, chilled

Scoop the sorbet into 4 champagne flutes. Divide the sparkling wine among the flutes and serve immediately.

Serves 4. Either store-bought currant or raspberry sorbet would make fine a substitute for the Minted Black Currant Sorbet. The traditional Kir Royale is made with crème de cassis and Champagne.


kamran siddiqi said...

Great photo! And Happy New Year, Lucy! May your 2010 be joyous! :)

El said...

I generally don't drink. But I do sometimes make an exception for the Kir Royale. Thanks for the unique recipe and the beautiful photo. Happy New Year!

Jill G. said...

Looks and sounds wonderful! Happy New Year!

veron said...

Happy new Year, Lucy! Cheers to 2010!

Anonymous said...

My mouth started watering at the pic, as i had these at a wedding reception. It was very posh, and very boring up to that point, held in a villa in Regent's Park in London. There was a delay, so another round of aperitifs was handed out. Suddenly, all the posh melted away, and we all had a simply wonderful time.

A gorgeous variation is peach schnapps over a strawberry half, topped up with champagne. The strawberry kicks like a mule.

Unknown said...

Happy New Year! That drink looks deLICious.

the kitchen is open said...

Happy New Year!..keep posting, love all the recipes..Champagne is the best. sandicue

Unknown said...


I just spent the last few days reading all of your blog and I have enjoyed it very much. I am having a hard time choosing which recipe to make first. I love the pictures and appreciate the Pacific NW bent as I am up in Seattle myself.

Keep up the good work,

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